Living facilities

Foremost living facilities include accommodation in traditional wood shelters, cold water showers, lighting, and 220V solar electricity. Exchange with the outside world is carried out by satellite phone and internet.

About living facilities

Accommodation on site is available in open air "carbet" (traditional wood shelters without walls used by Amerindian community). It well suits for hanging hammocks. There are 3 carbets for sleeping with a maximum capacity of 24 people. The hammocks and mosquito nets can be provided by the person in charge of the station on request. There is a charge of 5€ per night and per hammock during your stay. Otherwise, visitors have to bring their own hammock and mosquito net.

Besides, the Paracou station provides a very large “laboratory carbet” with many tables for personal working, group meeting and lab-work to implement your research project.

Then, the “Kitchen carbet” contains a fridge, baking sheets, a sink, minimum of dishes, two gas stoves, a gas refrigerator and living space with tables. Users have to share this living space with the team of Paracou during working hours.

Drinking water is not provided during your mission.

In terms of sanitary fittings, the site is equipped with a sanitary block of 2 independent toilets, a shower block of 3 independent showers and an outside washing basin. 

The station is powered by solar electricity (220 V) and provides rainwater from the creek. This water is used for kitchen, showers and toilets.

Exchange with outside world

Owing to the localization in a remote place, the communication with outside is restricted. A satellite phone and internet connection are available at the “ kitchen carbet”. On the one hand, the satellite phone ensures appropriate safety for visitors. On the other hand, the satellite internet facilitates research at the station. Thus, these services are not intended for personal uses.

The use of Internet is subject to internal rules (see Guidelines )


Users need to bring their own drinking water during their stay at the station. At the departure, visitors take out their rubbish bags with them in order to dispose them in the waste containers in Kourou. Field assistants, with expertise in the identification of local fauna and flora, as well as basic experimental material construction, are available for hire at the site.

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