Authorizations and fees

New research projects are required to be submitted to Cirad, the research organization that manages the site. Here users will find all details about access conditions to work in Paracou site and the residence fees. Access is submitted to acceptance of internal regulations.

Submission of Research Proposals

Project descriptions must be received at least one month prior to the initiation of any research protocol. Permission to conduct research at the station will be granted by Cirad. Specifically, the use of any specific zone of the Paracou station has to be clearly defined and localized with appropriate maps. Users have also to be crystal-clear on destructive sampling.

Here the procedure for submission of research projects:

  • Download the form “Regulation Paracou” for the scientific project. One form per project or per sampling period.
  • Fill out all the necessary information in the document and pay deep attention the scientific project and protocol.
  • Return the approved, filled and signed document to the technic and science coordinators by mail. Please find the contacts on the right column.
  • In a week you will get an answer from the site managers.
  • In case your project is validated, you will receive an answer with another document to fill in: “Liability release”. It is one document per person that will use the site.
  • Each person has to sign this document and return to the site managers.
  • Once the site managers receive all documents, the scientific project is now being planned as part of the Paracou scientific activities (see planning ).

The Paracou station is not open to public. In some cases, we accept reporters, artists or other people presenting a specific project.

Before coming to Paracou Research Station, please contact Aurélie Dourdain who will explain face-to-face the specific rules. Users need a key to unlock the gate in order toenter the station. Return the key at the end of the mission.

Residence fees

In order to maintain the living facilities, researchers in residence are requested to contribute based on the following rates.

  • Price per person and per night : 10€
  • Leases for hammock and mosquito net per mission  : 5€

Fees are to be paid by check payable to Cirad or by cash. Payment have to be made to Karine Moreau, Accountant in Cirad, Campus Agronomique de Kourou (see Location ).


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