Working in the station

In Paracou, we welcome scientists, students, foresters, engineers and scholars. The access to the station is submitted to authorization and acceptance of the Cirad regulation rules.

Visitors have to apply and motivate applications with a scientific or educational project. Once the project is validated, visitorsmay stay in the station up to several months. The technical staff and the guardian are available to help you all year long.

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  • Target users

    Target users
    We welcome in Paracou scientists, students, foresters, engineers and scholars.
  • Living facilities

    Living facilities
    Foremost living facilities include accommodation in traditional wood shelters, cold water showers, lighting, and 220V solar electricity. Exchange with the outside world is carried out by satellite phone and internet.
  • Authorizations and fees

    New research projects are required to be submitted to Cirad, the research organization that manages the site. Here users will find all details about access conditions to work in Paracou site and the residence fees. Access is submitted to acceptance of internal regulations.
  • Guidelines for Rules

    Site manager ask all users to respect rules about security, scientific good practices, sampling and communication rules.
  • Health risks

    Forest working do not present a health hazard. Nevertheless, we advise any interested parties to take some elementary precautions.
  • Planning

    Undergoing projects in the station.

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