The Paracou Research Station is located in French Guiana.

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  • Paracou Station

    French Guiana
    The Paracou station is located 12km East from the village of Sinnamary and 40 km West from Kourou.
  • Campus Agronomique

    French Guiana
    Technic (Aurélie Dourdain) and Science (Géraldine Derroire) coordinators are located in the joint Research Unit "Ecology of Guianan Forests", in the Campus Agronomique of Kourou, which is 50km SW from the Paracou station.
  • French Guiana

    Rocket launch, ©Aurélie Dourdain, UMR Ecofog
    French Guiana is a French Oversea Department, located in Northern South America in the Guiana Shield Region, neighboured by Suriname and Brazil.

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