The Paracou Station

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  • Overview

    Low land ©Aurélie Dourdain, UMR Ecofog
    Paracou is a large scale forest disturbance experiment set up by Cirad in 1982 that becomes in time a unique research site for the international scientific community in tropical forest ecology.
  • History

    The load of timber on logging truck
    Paracou belongs to a type of experiment set up in the 1970s and 1980s to study the impact of silvicultural treatments on the dynamics of natural tropical rainforests.
  • Milieu

    The lowland moist tropical forest of Paracou is typical of the Caesalpiniaceae forest types found in the Guiana shield.
  • Team

    Equipe de Paracou ©Cirad, Aurélie Dourdain
    The Paracou research station is managed by a permanent team of 10 people, all employed by Cirad and working within the Joint Research Unit Ecology of the Guianan Forests.

  • Location

    The Paracou Research Station is located in French Guiana.

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