Functional Ecology of Tropical Forests in Climate Change: from Observations to Simulations

The Labex CEBA Thematic School 2016 will take place from the 21st to 25th of March 2016 in Kourou and Paracou.

The school is open to PhD students, post-doctoral researchers, early-career scientists and professionals in tropical ecology.

The thematic school is jointly organized by Damien Bonal (UMR EEF ) and Bruno Hérault ( UMR EcoFoG ). The participants will learn:

  • How to correctly measure the most important parameters related to tropical forest dynamics and ecophysiological traits (related to CO2, H2O and N),
  • How to measure the most common meteorological parameters used to characterize local forest conditions,
  • How to integrate these parameters into dynamic or functional models (at ecosystem or global scale),
  • How to simulate forest dynamics and tree and ecosystem response to future climate change.

Scientists from the Labex CEBA  working in these fields as well as invited ones will share their expertise and experience on these questions. Concepts as well as methodological issues will be presented through lectures. Yet, an important part of the thematic school will be reserved for practical works, either in the field / greenhouses (measurements on trees or seedlings), or in classrooms (modelling, simulation).

Published: 17/03/2016

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