Global Forest Biodiversity Initiative (GFBI)

The Paracou data are an integral part of the GFBI project. This multi-stakeholder platform that supports data sharing, policy-making and cutting-edge research.
This is a portal to global forest inventory data and services.

The Global Forest Biodiversity Initiative (GFB) is a multi-stakeholder research collaborative that seeks to provide a platform for data sharing, support services, and cutting-edge research. The GFB was developed to better understand broad-scale patterns and processes associated with the planet's forty million square kilometers of forested ecosystems.

The GFB seeks to consolidate field-based inventory data, including large-scale inventory data as well as records from long-term observational plots, from around the world in support of biodiversity, ecological, socio-economic, and policy-driven research in forest and resource management, and environmental political consulting (e.g. IPCC, ministries, political initiatives etc.).

The GFB is comprised of over 100 individuals and organizations, and is managed by a core group of scientists (GFB Steering Committee) responsible for the GFB Data Center (GFB-DC) and for facilitating data management.

The GFB has tentatively established the following preliminary guidelines and are now welcoming new data contributions and research interests under these guidelines. The guidelines are subject to change in future, and the updated guidelines will be posted on

Published: 03/10/2016

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