Biodiversity plots

In 1990-1992, four new plots (3 * 6.25ha + 1 * 25ha) were set up for biodiversity monitoring. No destructive sampling have been authorized at all in these plots.

In 1990, three new plots (plot number 13, 14, 15) were added to the 12 initial ones in order to test a new silvicultural treatment. At present, they are still monitored as controls with no treatment applied at all so that they are used for diversity monitoring. In 1991/1992, another very big plot (P16, 25 ha) was also established  in  the  South-West  part  of  the  site,  on  soils  developed  over migmatite. This later plot  is  dedicated  to  studies  dealing  with  the functioning  of  the  undisturbed  forest  ecosystem  (determinism  of spatial patterns, phenology, population genetics). Full botanical determination has been achieved on those 4 plots very recently so that more than 800 botanical tree species have now been recorded in Paracou. A permanent line-transect sampling cross the plots to estimate medium- and large-vertebrate population densities.

Because we are less interested in short-term forest dynamics in the 25ha plot, full inventory campaigns take place every 5 years. A 6-months work for a team of 6 people.

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